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  • 1.03.2017  photo 16923462_10210167256350588_2008727212_n_zpsyi7xodtg.jpg

  • Fire Starter Inima Mea, new Romanian Junior Champion (the diploma finally arrived)  photo DSC_1622_zpsmibnfqrz.jpg

  • June 2016 Female puppy after our Fire Starter Inima Mea, born in Poland, kennel "Wspomnienie O Tigrze"  photo 13662032_1209240512454154_1686413787295388187_o_zpszardp9ld.jpg

     photo 13679944_1210089012369304_3436278580685741831_o_zpsk9bqcaqk.jpg

  • 25.04.2016 (All puppies are sold) Puppies after our Fire Starter Inima Mea, born in Slovenia on the 29.03.2016. 2 puppy males are available for new homes. For information, contact the owner of Slovenian kennel "Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda" Alenka Petrovic, trough phone or email written on the puppy announcement card.  photo 13063217_10206083828117051_2613422164891817057_o_zps6zaf17yv.jpg

  • 3.04.2016 CACIB Bistrita Dog Show - Fire Starter Inima Mea won Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BM, BOB under the honorable judge, Mr. Papp Vasile. We are very happy! IDS Bistrita Aprilie_2016 photo DSC_7803_zpswsh0siau.jpg photo 12966680_10206700873622465_1125009171_n_zpscmzthfym.jpg

  • Wonderful news from Slovenian kennel "Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda". At the end of March puppies will be born from our male Fire Starter Inima Mea and Angel-Angara Russkaya Nochnaya Zvezda! Waiting for healthy puppies with beautiful conformation and not last, wonderful character!
  • 21.02.2016 We have had a wonderful weekend at Napoca Dog Show. Fire Starter Inima Mea won the following:

    CAC 20.02 Exc 1, CAC, BD, BOB

    CACIB 20.02 Exc 2

    CAC 21.02 Exc 1, CAC, BD, BOB

    CACIB 21.02.Exc 2, res CAC

    Thanks to the honorable judges!!!  photo 12764462_1033534793377923_1745737961038170247_o_zpsrzzoqnqm.jpg

  • 6.02.2016 FIRE STARTER Inima Mea is Junior Champion of Romania (under confirmation - waiting for Diploma).

    Official health test results: HD-A, ED-00, HUU (Hiperuricosuria): N/N (clear), JLPP ( Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy): normal (clear), Cardio: normal  photo 8cc60f1c-7575-4cb8-88a4-cd767ee09c1f_zpsn7tosgib.jpg

  • 11-12.10.2014 FIRE STARTER Inima Mea won 2 x Best Puppy of Breed at Turda Dog Show.

    6.5 months photo Chilly_zpsf1549c16.jpg

  • Great news from the UK. Our "D" litter puppy, DAREK Inima Mea, was officially tested. The results are: HD-6/5, meaning a total score of 11. Excellent hips. (Hyperuricosuria)HUU-N/HU. Wonderful results.

  • 11.06.2014 Fairy Tail Inima Mea.

    Faity Tail Inima Mea -female photo DSC_1143_zps698c4adc.jpg

  • 27.04.2014 We added new pictures of the puppies (age 3 weeks and 3 days). Check them out:

  • 26.04.2014 Engel Inima Mea New pictures from his owner, Istvan Koczi, "Koczihazi" kennel, Hu

    Engel Inima Mea photo Engel_zps2371c6d3.jpgEngel Inima Mea photo Roy_zps78f5623e.jpg

  • 29.03.2014 PUPPIES WERE BORN. 5 males and 3 females. Male: EUWW`2012, JWW, Multi Ch OSKAR Yablunevyi Tsvet and female: Ro Junior Champion DARIA Inima Mea.  photo 10255057_10202131442389540_1598742762_n_zps766d235e.jpg

  • We have great news from USA. Our grandson Beautiful Black Atlas (Grand AKC CH, IABCA Int`l Ch Petmari Zillber UGO x AKC CH, IABCA Int`l Ch Cinderela Sweet Inima Mea) had a very good weekend. His breeder/owner informs us the following:

    Friday, October 18, 2013. Ring 9 10:45AM. AKC Judge Kimberly Meredith Cavanna. There were 3 Open Class dogs: ATLAS was Winners Dog with Professional Handler, Rhanda Glenn. ATLAS advanced to the Best of Breed Ring, shown by Owner/Breeder; Kahla Johnson

    Saturday, October 19, 2013. Ring 8 10:10 AM. AKC Judge Jay Richardson.There were 4 Class Dogs: ATLAS was Winners Dog with Owner/Breeder, Kahla Johnson. ATLAS advanced to the Best of Breed Ring and earned Best of Winners. Shown by Owner/Breeder; Kahla Johnson

    Sunday, October 20, 2013 Ring 3 11:15AM AKC Judge Ms. Susan C Catlin.There were 4 Class Dogs: ATLAS was Winners Dog with Professional Handler, Rhanda Glenn. ATLAS advanced to the Best of Breed Ring and earned Best of Winners. Shown by Owner/Breeder; Kahla Johnson

    Beautiful Black ATLAS photo 1019105203_zps6046d212.jpg

     photo 20131020_112503_zpsb2d03591.jpg

  • 6.10.2013 CAC Szeged ENGEL Inima Mea received Exc 1, HPJ. He became HUNGARIAN Junior Champion . Congratulations!

     photo 5e66a9da-3380-4893-a7d6-a8b4f97cf03f_zpsa345253e.jpg

  • 5-6.10.2013. Double CACIB in Baia Mare: DARIA Inima Mea won 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB!!!

     photo c1459425-56a7-4bfe-8995-2ee1a90ac2b0_zpse8bae6ff.jpg

  • Engel Inima Mea, 3 months old. He is having a new, loving family!  photo c8ffde57-7da6-4c44-8237-89dbe35ae512_zps06b38372.jpg

  • For more informations, check out the puppies page or the photo album

  • Our beautiful grandson, living in the USA, 10 months old, Beautiful Black Atlas (Petmari Zillber Ugo x Cinderella Sweet Inima Mea). Further info:
  • Puppies are born on 4.11.2012!

  • 9-10.06.2012 Double CACIB, 1 CAC dogshow in Cluj-Napoca. DARIA Inima Mea, won 3x Junior CAC, 3x BOB. She became Romanian Junior Champion . Congratulations to her owners, Oana & Radu. Daria Inima Mea

  • Puppies available from our bloodlines, in the USA. Still puppy males available. Further info:
  • 27.05.2012 Darek Inima Mea (UK) won Best Puppy of Breed, Res. BOB and was selected among the first 6 puppies in a group of 16 puppies in Working group. Congrats to his owner and handler! You make us so proud! Darek & Andrew

  • 26.03.2012 Our daughter Cinderella Sweet Inima Mea having the first picnic together with her babies. Some of them are still available. If You are interested contact the breeder. Puppies are born in the USA, state Iowa.
  • 11.03.2012 In the USA, 8 ( 7 males, 1 female) strong puppies were born after our daughter AKC Ch, Int`l Ch (IACBA) CINDERELLA SWEET Inima Mea and Int`l Ch (IACBA) Petmari Zillber UGO. BRT, BRT litter in the USA

  • 21.01.2012 Wonderful news from England! Our beloved boy, Darek, won at the Manchester Dog Show the following: Crufts Qualifications 2013, Best Puppy, Reserve Best Dog. Darek Inima Mea -Manchester Dog Show 2012 Darek Inima Mea -Manchester Dog Show 2012

  • Damon Inima Mea and his first snow! He really enjoys it! happy boy! Damon Inima Mea (7 m) Damon Inima Mea (7m)

  • DAREK Inima Mea ( 6,2 months) took part at a big dog show in England ( the first one for his show career) and he won Crufts Qualifications 2012 and second in puppy class - AVNSC Working Class! Wonderful result, dear boy!!! Darek Inima Mea Darek Inima Mea, Qualifications 2012

  • Dani Boy Inima Mea (living in Bucharest, Romania) and his owner enjoying the winter without snow. Dani Boy Inima Mea

  • 31.12.2011 HAPPY BIRTHDAY (2 years) to our "C" litter (Carpathian Black Pearl Ramir Baron x Sibirski Medved Legenda Rossii)

  • CINDERELLA SWEET INIMA MEA became officialy AKC Champion. Great news from USA. Congratulations again to her wonderful owners and handler! Thank You for loving the girls and taking so much care of them. Cinderella Sweet

  • Damon Inima Mea (owner Anastasia P. , USA), Autumn Profile Damon Inima Mea, Autumn Profile, Damon, USA

  • Darek, 4 months old. Autumn profile.


  • Domino Inima Mea, owner: Pal Zoltan (''Korona" kennel, Ro) Domino Inima Mea Domino Inima Mea

  • Darek Inima Mea, 11 weeks old (in the photo). Photobucket

  • 12.09.2011 Beautiful picture of Daria Inima Mea and her new friend, Pascal. Daria Daria & Pascal

  • 31.08.2011 Cinderella Sweet Inima Mea won another Major this weekend at the dog show held in Atlanta, Georgia. She is one step closer to the AKC Championship! Go girl!


  • CAMIRA INIMA MEA became this February AKC Champion, at the age of 14 months. Congratulations to her wonderful owners & her handler! You did a great job together!

  • 30.08.2011 Pictures with our "D" puppies.

    Click <----- Pictures.

  • 29.07.2011 Our web-site will be soon updated. Thank You for understanding.

  • 13.06.2011 "D" litter is born. Parents: Zimorodok S Zolotogo Grada x Sibirski Medved Legenda Rossii

  • 19.07.2010 New pictures of Caramel Flavour Inima Mea ( our Candy baby) Click to see pictures --------> Caramel Flavour Inima Mea.

  • 17.07.2010 CAC Oradea - Our boy, Andrej Ricci Inima Mea, won exc. 1, CAC and BOB!!! Congratulations to Ricci and his owners!!!


  • After participating at Satu Mare 2 CACIB, Zuzi obtained 2 x Excelent 1, 2 x CAC, 2 x Rez. CACIB. Congratulations my beautiful young girl!!!

  • 25.03.2010 Andrej Ricci Inima Mea (Malahovskyi Sovetnik x Horobre Serdce Evrika) is offered for stud. Show results: Champion Romania, Junior Champion of Romania, BOB, CACIB, CAC, Junior CAC, BJ Of Breed. Oficial HD Result: HD-B, ED-00. Serious inquieries are welcomed. For photos and more details, please send us an email.

  • 19.03.2010 Pictures with Caramel Flavour Inima Mea after her arrival in Budapest.

    Caramel Flavour Inima Mea.

    Click here to see pictures of "C" litter puppies.


  • 11.01.2010 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our "A" litter ( Malahovskyi Sovjetnik x Horobre Serdce Evrika).

  • 31.12.2009 PUPPIES ARE BORN 6 females, 3 males. For more information contact us by e-mail or phone.

  • We expect puppies at the beginning of January 2010 out of Ch Srb, Slo, Hu, Cro, Ua, Ro, INT CH CARPATHIAN BLACK PEARL RAMIR BARON and Ch Srb SIBIRSKI MEDVED LEGENDA ROSSII!!!

    For more informations:

    English, german, romanian language: Sabina Ghergariu 004 0740-577-077

    Hungarian language: gnes and Andr s Szil gyi Tel.: 0036 30-500-2601

    Click here for puppie's pedigree.

  • 14.11.2009-15.11.2009 CACIB Cluj-Napoca

    Sibirski Medved Legenda Rossii won in both days of Show 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB.

  • ANDREJ RICCI INIMA MEA (Malahovskiy Sovetnik x Horobre Serdce Evrika) was official x-rayed and the result is HD-B, ED-00. Congratulations to Ricci and to his wonderful owners!!!

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