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Tchiorny-Terrier - Masculi

Fire Starter Inima Mea (Oskar Yabluneviy Tsvit x Daria Inima Mea)

Breeder: Ghergariu Sabina
Owner Ghergariu Sabina
D.o.b. : 29.03.2014
Show results: Best Puppy of Breed, Best Junior of Breed, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Romanian Junior Champion (under confirmation)
Health test results: HD-A, ED-OO, HUU: N/N (clear), JLPP: normal (clear), Heart: normal ( EKG, Doppler).

Chilly is a powerful male, 76 cm at withers, head 31 cm, wrist 16, chest circumference 93 - at the age of 22 months. He has a wonderful reach and drive, that makes him an excellent mover in the show rings. At home, he is the best companion for his family (of humans and animals).


 photo 8cc60f1c-7575-4cb8-88a4-cd767ee09c1f_zpsn7tosgib.jpg

Amur Zachelmianka(Raptor Zachelmianka x Malahovkaya Grafinja)

Breeder: Debska Ewa
Owner Ghergariu Sabina&Alb Marta
D.o.b. : 29.04.2006
Show results: Best Baby in Show, Best Baby of Breed, Best Junior of Breed, BM, BOB

Amur is a large, powerful male, with extremly hind angulations. He has a very good movement. His personality is special, always courious and in the need to be close to his people.

Antey Inima Mea(Malahovskyi Sovjetnik x Horobre Serdce Evrika)

Breeder: Ghergariu Sabina
Owner : Ghergariu Sabina & CO
D.o.b. : 11.01.2007
Show results: Best Baby of Breed, Best Puppy of Breed
Work results: In preparation for BH

Igor is a very powerful male with medium sized bones. His charakter is very strong. He is playful with other dogs, but not with males.0 Allmost like a sheperd dog, Amur is gathering all the hens before night time . He has a friend cat and they live very happy together.

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