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Tchiorny-Terrier - Femele

Horobre Serdce Evrika (Int Ch. Ipo-1, Radomir S Almaznogo Ostrova x Ipo-1 Adida Blek Rayder Kri)

Breeder: Baranova Anna, Ukraina
D.o.b. : 28.05.2004 - 20.09.2012
Show results: Multi RPJ, BB, Winner, BOS, BOB
Titles: Junior Champion of Central Eastern Europe, Junior Champion of Romania, Champion of Romania, Club Winner 2008(Champion Class)

A medium-sized female, strong bones, excellent beautiful head. Nothing compares with her character, which is the best in thie world.


Sibirski Medved Legenda Rossii (Sibirski Medved Razgulaj Stavr Godinovich x Sibirski Medved Svet Sudarushka)

Breeder: I.S. Zaytseva, Russia
D.o.b. : 16.06.2007 - 5.04.2014
Show results: Best Puppy of Breed, Best Junior of Breed, Rpj, Multi CAC, CACIB, BOB, Srb Ch.
Titles: Champion of Serbia, Champion of Romania

Legenda is coming from Siberia, from a famous kennel, named "Sibisrki Medved". She is the modern type of Black Terrier, a big sized female with strong bones, very light movments, nice front and hind angulations, straight topline. Good bite. Her charakter is an very active one, always happy and moving her tail continously. She comes out from an very interesting inbreeding wich involves the new type of Brt. Evesey Olecs is Chernoy Stai 2:4 Astilda V Stile Lav 2:2


Daria Inima Mea (Zimorodok S Zolotogo Grada x Sibirski Medved Legenda Rossii)

Breeder: Ghergariu Sabina
Owner. : Oana&Radu R.
D.o.B: 13.07.2011
Show results: 3 x RPJ, 3 x BOS, 3 x BOB
Titles: Romanian Junior Champion


 photo e616fda3-417b-4bd6-8832-934b8fd90346_zpsgddgivcs.jpg

Fandorina Bonsana Inima Mea (Oskar Yablunevyi Tsvit x Daria Inima Mea)

Breeder: Ghergariu Sabina
Owner. : Zeman Raimund
D.o.B: 29.03.2014
Health results: HUU: N/HU (carrier)

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